Suyash Kumar

Biomedical and Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Suyash

Suyash is currently the Chief Technology Officer at k─ôlaHealth where he leads a technical team building deep learning based software to predict surgical complications before they happen. Before k─ôlaHealth, Suyash was a software engineer at Uber driving the development of highly scalable backend and frontend systems that millions of people use each month. While at Uber, Suyash built products end-to-end using the latest industry technologies including Go, Cassandra, MySQL, Python, Javascript, ReactJS.

He graduated from Duke University where he studied Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science as a double major. Among his many pursuits, Suyash is the Technical Software Lead on Duke's POCkeT Colposcope (a device and software platform that brings low-cost automated cervical cancer screening to low-resource areas), while also leading software development on a global health sanitation system, while also developing open-source cloud-connected device libraries like conduit.

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