Suyash Kumar

Engineer. Designer. Dreamer.

Hi there, I'm Suyash

I'm a student at Duke University where I study Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science as a double major. I love to design and create--I enjoy spending time developing software, tinkering at the electronics workbench, or working on projects at Duke's homegrown makerspace (or smart dorm, where I live). I do everything from full-stack web application development to connected medical device design. I'm really passionate about using innovative technologies to create solutions that are smarter, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.

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I'm a Creator

I'm interested in and pursue software/web development, electronics hacking, and graphic design.

Web Design

I enjoy bringing ideas to life via full stack web development. I'm most familiar with Node.js or Flask for server-side development and AngularJS for client-side development. I've built things like cloud based data analytics platforms, university union even management systems, and cloud connected medical devices (full stack, hardware/firmware/server/client). See projects for more.


I enjoy the thrill of making things happen via software development. I am very proficient with:

  • Java
  • Python
  • C
  • Matlab
  • LaTeX
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
and am familiar with a whole lot more (including everything from shell scripting to OpenSCAD). I've been writing software and playing around with computers since the 5th grade and love working on side projects. I'm a recent VIM convert and absolutely love it.

Tech & Electronics

I like to stay plugged into the latest technologies--from 3D printing to IoT tech. I also really enjoy designing and building electronic devices. I hack around with ATMega328 series microcontrollers, spark cores (see CloudPulse), BeagleBone blacks (even in AM335x Assembly), Raspberry Pis, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I'm a technical consultant for Duke's Innovation Studio, am the CTO of Duke University Union, am the president of Duke's Smart Home, and find many other ways to get my tech/programming fix at Duke.


I'm a big fan and student of elegant design principles. Be it as an engineer, scientist, or artist. As a multimedia project studio consultant (and now student manager) at Duke, I strive to inspire students and their projects using multimedia tools. I'm also a huge fan of programmatic parametric design using OpenSCAD to bring most of my 3D creations to life in an extensible, open, and reusable way.


Here are some projects that I've worked on. (This section still in progress, check out CV for more).

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