Suyash Kumar

Biomedical and Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Suyash

Suyash recently co-founded Gradient Health, a deep-learning in healthcare company that is focused on extracting clinical insights from medical imagery. Suyash is currently an Associate Instructor in the Duke Department of Biomedical Engineering, where he teaches Medical Device Software Design.

Before, Suyash was a software engineer at Uber driving the development of highly scalable backend and frontend systems that millions of people use each month. While at Uber, Suyash built products end-to-end using the latest industry technologies including Go, Cassandra, MySQL, Python, Javascript, ReactJS. Among projects, Suyash bulit Uber's consent service (one of Uber's most scalable services) and worked on key portions of the onboarding funnel.

Suyash graduated from Duke University where he studied Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science as a double major. Among his many pursuits, Suyash is the Technical Software Lead on Duke's POCkeT Colposcope (a device and software platform that brings low-cost automated cervical cancer screening to low-resource areas), while also leading software development on a global health sanitation system, while also developing open-source cloud-connected device libraries like conduit.

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Side Projects

Here are some projects that I've worked on. I'm kind of lazy with updating this site though, so you should check out my GitHub.

If you're looking for professional projects or my work-related accomplishments, you should look at my resume here.

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