Suyash Kumar

Biomedical and Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Suyash



  • Co-founder & CTO Gradient Health, a healthcare company that built a platform for clinical machine learning.
  • Associate Instructor in the Duke Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, where I taught Medical Software Design
  • CTO of MicroElastic Ultrasound Systems which, spun out of research I was involved in during undergrad. Company won NIH STTR ph I & II grants.
  • Software Engineer at Uber where I built scalable systems and products using Go, React, Cassandra, Python, and more.

I graduated from Duke University where I double-majored in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.

Previous research work:

Side Projects

Here are some projects that I've worked on. I'm kind of lazy with updating this site though, so you should check out my GitHub.

If you're looking for professional projects or my work-related accomplishments, you should look at my resume here.

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